Podcast Chapters

Want to make it easy for your listeners to tap directly through to sponsors? Skip over spoilers if they aren’t caught up? See what’s coming up in your episode? Let Podcast Chapters help.

Download on the Mac App Store

Podcast Chapters is a nice old-fashioned one-time purchase in the Mac App Store. No in-app purchases, no strange freemium models. Oh, and pretty good support, if I dare say so myself.

Really Fast

From exporting your podcast out of your audio program, to having an MP3 file with chapter markers ready to post, Podcast Chapters is the fastest way to get your podcast in the hands of your fans.

Dead Simple

No complex export settings, no pages of preferences, and the shortcuts you already know. You import your file, add the chapters, then export it. It just works.

No encoding or re-encoding

Podcast Chapters doesn't touch the actual bytes of your MP3, it just edits the information around them. That means no loss of quality, and no waiting for encoding to finish.

Native to the Mac

No uploading, using a clunky web interface, and re-downloading. Podcast Chapters is designed for the Mac you use and love, by someone who uses and loves it too.

Podcasting 2.0 Certified

Enter and export data for the podcast namespace RSS tags. Read more here.

Add Metadata

No need to go into iTunes and set metadata tags, Podcast Chapters now lets you set the podcast and episode metadata, including your show art.

View Metadata

View Metadata: Regardless of which app added it, Podcast Chapter's new Metadata window will display any and all information added to your MP3.

Power-User Features

Do you edit multiple podcasts? Save time with the presets system in Podcast Chapters. Save your shows with pre-set metadata, including the show art. Never spend hours searching for that one image file again.

Import And Export

Import podcast data from automation-friendly CSV files. Export data as JSON, including a web player if you so wish.

Listen Back

If you're not sure where to drop your chapter markers, listen back in Podcast Chapters. Adding a new chapter marker will drop it automatically at your current position.

Used by some of your favorite podcasts

Use and love Podcast Chapters? Want your podcast here? Let me know.